Monday, February 23, 2009

SID Convention Makes a Confessional Statement

The Southern Illinois District Convention finished up in grand style last week. Some of the issues that were covered:

1) A resolution was passed in which the SID told the Synod to quit messing with Pastor Wilken and Jeff Schwarz regarding the Issues, Etc. trademark issue.

2) Numerous resolutions were passed advising that various aspects of the Synodical restructuring proposals be ditched.

3) A resolution was passed in which the SID “expressed its regret” regarding the continued practice of allowing “preaching and administration of the sacraments by men who have not been publicly called to and placed in the office of the ministry,” a practice which is clearly at odds with Article XIV of the Augsburg Confession Article. This would be an appropriate time to mention that some of the “men” out there who are consecrating the elements are vicars. This is a definite no-no. It’s been reported before on the web, but is generally kept quiet. Why is it kept quiet? Because the vicars are told by their superiors in the seminary who are encouraging the practice to keep it quiet, but to go ahead and serve communion, if you can do so without violating your conscience. Is this the new model for LCMS pastors? It must be from 1 Timothy 4:17: “Tim, as long as you can justify your pastoral practice by saying it doesn’t violate your own conscience, by all means, have at it!”

4) They rejected a proposal to help fund Fan Into Flame, the money raising arm of Ablaze!, and instead voted to be better stewards by spending that money on their own evangelism program.

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