Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Road Trip!"

I'm hopping on the big jet for a road trip to the Windy City, and I'm bringing you along. That's right, Chicago, home of the national Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference. More properly, it's actually in Naperville, which is a suburb to the west of Chicago.

Guest Speakers include Chris Rosebrough and Pastor Todd Wilken. It should be a great time hanging with the brothers. As an extra bonus, my daughter Paige, who attends Concordia University Wisconsin, is coming along with me. This should be a great way to "break her in" to the concept of the Lutheran conference/symposium/convention circuit without putting her to sleep.

Hopefully I'll get a break in between speakers and "No Pietists Allowed" parties to let you know what's happening.

photo credit: fabbio


kari said...

I'm waiting to hear, Scott! How is it going at all the parties? Oh, and how are the speakers, too?

wrmyers said...

Hope you and Paige had a safe trip and are enjoying the weekend. The Brothers are in our thoughts and prayers this evening.