Thursday, February 26, 2009

2,000 Signatures on the Issues, Etc. Petition and Growing

The Issues, Etc. trademark petition has crossed the 2,000 signature benchmark - a significant achievement.

Up until there is a final resolution to all of the outstanding issues, please continue to sign the petition, and ask your friends to sign as well. If your fellow parishioners are like mine, there are plenty of people whom you can ask again to sign. Let’s keep the pressure up! If you've yet to sign, clicking on the white "Sign the Petition" box over on the right will take you directly to it. [Note: I removed the box on the evening of 2-26. You may still sign the petition.]

Here are a few of the many worthwhile comments left on the petition:

Stephen Griffin
Dear Bishop Kieschnick, Although I am a Catholic, I believe that Issuesetc and its staff do wonderful work in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all while also presenting a very favorable picture of the LCMS. I would request that you withdraw any attempts to interfere with the programming of the group. It makes you appear petty and vindicative. Sincerely, Steve Griffin

Prof. Dr John Warwick Montgomery, Esq.
I am thoroughly ashamed of the central administration of my church body for its actions in this matter. Orthodoxy of doctrine is one thing; ordinary decent treatment of others is another. Can you not exhibit a modicum of legal and ethical integrity in your relationship with Issues, Etc.--particularly after treating Wilken and Schwarz so shabbily in discharging them?

Rev. Craig Nehring
As a ELCA pastor who has found a refuge of orthodoxy in the Issues, etc show, I ask you to stop trying to take away this brand name. This is a name in which has only helped in spreading the Gospel because it has allowed people to gather under one place to receive Lutheran talk radio.

mark of brighton
What a waste of time and resources. This really does seem to be a personal vendetta against Pastor Todd and Jeff.

Rev. Ken Maher
Such bullying tactics are unbecoming any Christian, much less those in a position of authority. What a shameful black eye this gives not only to all of us who bear the name Lutheran, but to the very presentation of the Gospel to the world who cannot help but look at such distasteful antics and shake their heads!

Michael Horton
As a Reformed Christian, it is disappointing to learn that some leaders of a confessional Lutheran denomination are as embarrassed by their most effective evangelists as they are apparently enamored of the most non-confessional movements in our day.

Craig Parton
As a trial lawyer for the past 20 plus years, I plan on supporting Todd and Jeff in every way possible.....

Mollie Hemingway
This incessant bureaucratic bullying under the current administration must end. It was bad enough that the LCMS canceled its only nationally syndicated broadcast radio program and fired its host and producer without warning during Holy Week last year. That the persecution continues almost a year after the original act is an outrage.

Joseph Milligan
You condemn the men who note that you are excluding Christ from the LCMS, then prove them right with your actions. This is how to grow the Church? If Kieschnick is reinstated next year, the LCMS (or whatever you end up calling it) will be at least four members smaller. My family will go where Christ is.

richard grossman
Issues etc brought me such a fuller understanding of the Gospel! There is nothing like it. I am one of the orthodox Anglicans who left the Episcopal Church. I know about lawsuits by the "corporate church". LCMS leaders should stop acting like the liberal Episcopal leaders and suing their brothers in secular courts. I love my confessional brothers in LCMS, and am a "token Anglican" member of the Brothers of John the Steadfast. . You are in my prayers.

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