Friday, February 27, 2009

On Lawyers and Pit Bulls

A quote from Pastor Bill Cwirla's excellent post - I highly recommend reading the rest of his post at Blogosphere Underground:

"In a recent letter to the Council of Presidents (CoPs - Are Lutherans acronym-challenged or is this just me?) LCMS, Inc. CEO Gerald Kieschnick denies he ever personally threatened our boys Todd and Jeff with a lawsuit by saying 'I have not filed, initiated, supported, or encouraged any lawsuit against Rev. Todd Wilken or Mr. Jeff Schwarz, nor have I ever had a desire to do so.' I'll leave the thoughts and desires of the man to God who searches the heart. But let's parse that sentence. Of course Pres. Kieschnick didn't 'file, initiate, support, or encourage' anything. The lawyers for LCMS, Inc. did that. That's what you hire lawyers to do."

photo credit: This Year's Love


Frank Gillespie said...

And lawyers only do what they are directed to by their client. Nuff said.

Ted Badje said...

I have heard enough about lawsuits between leaders in our church, and even day school principals threatening to sue student's parents when students write something uncompliementary about the day school. I don't think it is a good witness, and it stinks worse than Isaiah's rags.

Anonymous said...

CoPs = Council of Pit Bull senders