Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Smoky Mountain Bible Institute: Scientific Disciplines Through a Biblical Worldview

It’s hard to read anything, even Christian literature, that doesn’t frame such things as geology or biology in terms of an old earth time frame and millions of years, which usually equates to evolution. The Bible, on the other hand, says something different, that God created the earth and the heavens in six days. It can be hard to reconcile the two when we’re awash in a world that views everything through a naturalistic lens. If you’re interested in reconciling the sciences with a Biblical worldview that is still true to science, you might want to try the Smoky Mountain Bible Institute.

The Smoky Mountain Bible Institute is an online series of “classes” which walks you through the various disciplines of science, such as biology, astronomy, archaeology, anthropology, and dating methods, and explains how all of these disciplines can be used to explain God’s Creation from a Biblical perspective. Pastor Robert Portier began the Institute last year as an offshoot of a series of articles he had written.

If you don’t have a scientific background, or are grappling with how science and Christianity can be harmonized using today’s branches of science, this may be the place for you. Each post, which comes out more-or-less monthly, will walk you through an area of science, explaining how that particular discipline can be used in a proper Christian worldview to explain the world around us. The lessons are written so that they are easily understood by the average layman, and are quite helpful in demonstrating the truths found in the Bible while remaining true to the scientific evidence. The first lesson begins here; scroll to the post at the bottom of the page to being your adventure.

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