Friday, September 14, 2012

Decision Theology?

I took this photo while I was on a run in Newark, New Jersey. The "TRY JESUS" motif of this Baptist church wouldn't quite work on the front of a Lutheran church.


Anonymous said...

At first, this seems like an understated, somewhat innocuous attempt at evangelism. And, as you say it would not work on the front of a Lutheran church(LCMS, that is).
But then, it hits you--this is patently offensive, as it clearly portrays Jesus as just one among many. "What have you got to lose?" it seems to say. No, it isn't merely understated or even "lukewarm" (as in Laodicea). It is an offense, a stench. There is no evangelism here--no good news. Just a weak-kneed, half-hearted message. Oh well, it looks as tho it lights up at night--that's something, I suppose. Now ask me how I really feel!

Joe Strieter

Anonymous said...

When I see a "Try Jesus" sign, I usually think, "yeah, they're trying Jesus's patience." Lord, have mercy.