Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don’t Miss It! The Lutheran Concerns Association Annual Conference Is Coming Up

Monday, January 21, 2013 marks the date for the Lutheran Concerns Association Annual Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana, followed the rest of the week by Concordia Theological Seminary’s annual Symposia. This year’s LCA speakers are a top notch group. Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer has an early morning Bible Study, and Rev. Dr. Bill Weinrich will begin with an opening devotion. Walter Dissen and Indiana District President Rev. Daniel May will welcome the attendees. Synod President Emeritus Rev. Dr. Robert Kuhn and Rev. Dr. Tim Rossow will tag team on Issues and Overtures, and hot button Synod issues and the local parish, respectively. Rev. Peter Bender will be speaking on pastoral care and admission to the Lord’s Supper, a particularly relevant topic given the varying positions in our Synod. Attorney Scott Meyer will discuss religious liberty, another highly relevant topic. Rev. Dr. Martin Noland will give a presentation titled “Missionals vs. Confessionals & Other Issues at the 2013 LCMS Convention,” and CTS professor Rev. Dr. Richard Nuffer will offer a presentation titled “SMP: Aerobatic Acronym.”

This is a great opportunity to hear top notch speakers in a relatively intimate setting, including sharing a word or two over lunch. If you’re not familiar with the Lutheran Concerns Association, their website is here. You can read the current issue of their newsletter, The Lutheran Clarion, here, which contains a registration form for the Conference. Older Clarions are available here.

A photo from last year's panel discussion

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