Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Sayin'

From the Useless Slang Department:

One of my favorites: “It is what it is.”

Well yes, I suppose that’s true. Isn’t everything what it is? One generally doesn't come across anything that truly isn’t what it is, or is what it isn’t. So when I hear someone say “It is what it is,” my reaction is usually something akin to “My, you’ve got a tremendous grasp of the obvious.” The possible exception to this helpful maxim is if you’re a cult member, in which case suspension of disbelief often makes things what they aren’t, at least for you.

My favorite though is “Just sayin'.” This one is tremendously useful:

“Your dog is really ugly. Just sayin'.”

“Your church stinks. Just sayin'.”

It’s as though tacking “Just sayin'” onto the end of your observation gives you license to forgo social pleasantries and be brutally tactless. Kinda like having a few drinks makes boorish behavior perfectly acceptable.

Just sayin'.

photo credit: Adam Awad

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