Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What We Can Learn from the “Save University Lutheran Chapel!” Edition of Super True Stories

A brief interpretation of the video's conclusions:

1) Informing the pastor via email that you’re going to sell the church property is inconsiderate.

2) Districts are not accountable to the wails and sackcloth and ashes of God’s people.

3) Claiming that the way to increase X is by getting rid of X is irrational.

4) The unfaithful stewards, after being put out on the street, may not meet with the warm reception they are expecting.

5) The best way to prove your wrongheaded hypothesis that liturgical congregations can’t survive in today’s world is to close down all the ones that have survived or thrived.

6) Answer your email when you’re on the road. You’ve heard of Hotmail haven’t you?

7) Help save University Lutheran Chapel:

I’d encourage you to view the Minnesota South District’s “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS #2” three page document dated September 22, 2011, annotated by ULC, available here.

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