Wednesday, September 28, 2011

University Lutheran Chapel: A Lifeline

A Stand Firm reader emailed his thoughts on University Lutheran Chapel. For him, University Lutheran Chapel in Minneapolis was a lifeline when he was at the end of his rope. I'm hopeful that the Minnesota South District Board of Directors will reconsider their decision to sell ULC, so that ULC will continue to save the lives of those foundering in spiritual darkness:
I was a member of an interdenominational charismatic community from about 1977 to 1989. My attraction to it was due to their (perceived) "fervor", commitment to one another, and a desire to be accepted by others. The relationships tended to be intense, weekly mens and womens group meetings, focused on growing in holiness, mostly centered on our own efforts. As one could imagine, legalism flourished. One interesting thing (though not surprising) was that it was supposed to be a unifying group, bringing various denominational backgrounds together to worship Christ. But in the short time I was in the group, it splintered numerous times, often over disagreements on governing structure. There are still significant numbers in the original group, but its focus has changed much (I've viewed its web site).

I'm very grateful that when I was reaching the end of my rope, God saw fit to throw me a lifeline of ULC Minneapolis and then Pastor John Pless. Pastor Pless guided me through his Didache class to return to my roots and see the historic Lutheran confession as the way to go. I now look at the charismatic worship and wonder how I ever put up with it. That and evangelicalism largely follow the one groups error in the book of Acts in that they were looking for "every new thing" (Acts 17:21). It's definitely an evolutionary process and the reliance on extra-Biblical revelation leaves it open for slipping into heresy easily.
You can help save University Lutheran Chapel by visiting their website here.

photo credit: Leo Reynolds

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