Thursday, September 22, 2011

Undoing the Gospel

Quoting Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, from his August 17th appearance on Issues, Etc. discussing mystical worship, a segment that you really should listen to:
There are some contemporary songs that bring to us Christ and His mercy, and His love, His blood, His forgiveness, His kindness. There are some out there, and they’re beautiful, and they should be used, because they’re fantastic. But the general thrust, almost 95, 98% of the music that’s coming out of the contemporary worship movement, is not bringing to us Jesus and His forgiveness, but rather impelling us towards a direct union with God - to judge our nearness or farness from God based on our experience and that sort of thing – that internal experience. And that the devil loves, because it undoes the Gospel. It does. It undoes the certainty that your sins are forgiven, because Jesus died for you. It undoes that and pushes us back on a subjective ground where we never can have a solid footing. But Jesus does not want us to be unsure about this thing: That he loves us, that He calls us His own, that He forgives all of our sins, and that He has opened the door to eternal life and that He will have us in the resurrection with Him forever. He does not want any uncertainty about that.

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Anonymous said...

After several years of experiencing contemporary worship (and playing keyboard in it), I became aware of its mystical nature. The more I was involved, the more mystical its purveyors seemed to become. When I heard this interview, I exclaimed--"SPOT ON!"

Good post, Scott. We need to be reminded of what's going on.

Joe Strieter