Thursday, September 15, 2011

University Lutheran Chapel and the MNS - Money Talks

When school is in session, our daughter attends church at Luther Memorial Chapel and University Student Center in Shorewood, Wisconsin – close to both the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee and Concordia University Wisconsin. Our son has opportunity to attend Concordia Lutheran Church in Pullman, Washington – right on the edge of the campus of Washington State University. Each of these ministries is vital to the spiritual wellbeing of students who otherwise would miss out on the life-giving flow of Word and Sacrament at a time in their lives when they sorely need those means of grace. Up in Minnesota, those same means of grace are endangered for the students of the University of Minnesota, a campus of 51,000 students.

The Board of Directors of the Minnesota South District (MNS) made the decision to sell the property occupied by University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) on Tuesday, which leaves the members of ULC and her attending students “homeless.” ULC has been involved in campus ministry for more than 75 years. Past pastors have included Dr. Oswald Hoffmann and Professor John Pless. Her current pastor is Pastor David Kind. How long, oh Lord?

Since I wasn't blogging, I was unable to draw attention to this sooner, which I regret.  In spite of the actions of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota South District, the Lord will continue to feed His Church.  Please pray for the people who attend ULC, that God would grant them comfort in trying times, serenity in the face of adversity, and a forgiving heart.


Rev. Paul L. Beisel said...

My grandfather, Reuben Beisel, served that chapel at one time I think.

John Rixe said...

Pastor Reubin Beisel was my pastor at ULC 1958-61. He then went on to be president of St John's College. Your grandfather was an outstanding friend of students.

John Rixe said...

Here is an interesting history, Pastor Beisel:

Mark said...

The end of all this is:
Super True Stories – Save University Lutheran Chapel! Edition
From: TheLutheranSatire | Sep 25, 2011 | 2,594 views
If it’s true that it’s a super missional ideal to sell Christ’s Church in order to pay for stuff that’s not Christ’s Church, then why does the Bible keep saying not to do that?