Thursday, January 1, 2009

A “New” Book of Concord Available

When you grab your careworn copy of the Book of Concord off the shelf, it’s probably a translation of the Latin version of the Book of Concord published in 1584. There is also a German version of the Book of Concord, which was published in 1580. It’s very helpful to have access to a translation of the German version as well as its Latin counterpart for study purposes. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been easy, since the only complete English translation of the German version was published by Solomon D. Henkel & Brs. in 1851 and 1854. Copies of this book are hard to come by, with the only other option being an online copy – but that hurdle has been eliminated.

There is now an electronic version of the 2nd Edition Henkel Book of Concord, available at This downloadable version is donationware, meaning you make a small donation, and receive download access and a license to use the software. This is not a commercial production – it was produced by a group of Lutheran volunteers and proceeds go to a fund for the training of faithful Lutheran pastors in Sri Lanka. The Electronic Edition will soon be followed by a new Print Edition as well. I hope you’ll avail yourself of this valuable resource. Go to for details.

photo credit: v.max1978

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