Saturday, January 31, 2009

Curing Souls

Most of us don’t consider our pastor to be a psychotherapist, and some pastors shy away from the realm of psychotherapy. Yet theology and psychotherapy do overlap. Pastor Randy Asburry, author of the blog Rasburry’s Res, reports on his trip to DOXOLOGY in two of his recent blog posts, posts that I hope you’ll take a look at if you’re a Lutheran pastor.

The purpose of DOXOLOGY, according to their website, is “to provide ongoing spiritual care opportunities for Lutheran pastors. Participants will be refreshed and equipped as a result of their participation in a program of soul care grounded in Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. The Center provides an excellent setting for clergy to reflect on their own spiritual health and offers a program carefully crafted to help them review and enhance their professional competencies and skills.”

The event Pastor Asburry attended was taught by Dr. Harold Senkbeil and Dr. Beverly Yahnke, and judging from Pastor Asburry’s reaction, is well worth the time spent for those pastors interested in their own renewal, and the improvement of their spiritual care and counsel. You can read his blog posts here and here.

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steve martin said...


I'll forward this to Pastor Mark Anderson of Lutheran Church of the Master in Corona del Mar, CA (where I'm a member)

Keep up the good work!

- Steve martin San Clemente, CA