Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time to Submit Overtures

With the LCMS District Conventions fast approaching this year, and the LCMS national convention in 2013, it’s time to work on overtures if you haven’t already done so. Here’s a list of spots where you can go to see what other people’s overture ideas look like:

Suggestions from the Association of Confessing Evangelical Lutheran Congregations (ACELC) can be found here.

Suggested overtures on The Brothers of John the Steadfast website are here.

A list of older overtures from the Wyoming District can be found here.

A helpful overview of overture procedures can be found in the latest issue of The Lutheran Concerns Associations' The Lutheran Clarion, available here.

Information about overtures from the 2010 LCMS Handbook can be found here.

A pdf of the District Convention dates can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Altho these overtures are directed to Synod, they can be used at the District level as well. We also need overtures directed at curbing the use of the Church Growth philosophy and principles at all levels--Synod, District, Regions, Circuits, Congregations.

Joe Strieter