Monday, January 16, 2012

I Love Mondays!

Watch the video, then watch it a second time after you’ve figured it out! Be sure to click on “Click HERE to continue reading” below to read the rest of the post, after you’ve watched the video.

Who says romance is dead?

The ending of the video may look like science fiction, but it’s not. That’s the view out the cupola of the International Space Station. What an amazing place God has created for us to live in, and more amazing, even in its corrupted state, our own human nature, that He endowed with what Melanchthon in the Apology calls "physical love."

This video won the Judges’ Commendation prize in the 2011 Love Mondays Film competition. It was produced by Dan Blacker, Matt Bowron and John Addis. It stars Ben Tandy and Margot Clunie.

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