Monday, January 30, 2012

The LCMS National Youth Gathering: Improvements on the Horizon

It's too infrequently that I talk about the good things that are happening in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  I suppose in a sense that goes along with the turf, considering the name of the blog.  While at the Lutheran Concerns Association Conference the LCMS Board of Directors Vice-Chairman, Pastor Michael Kumm, reported that there is an  effort being made to return the National Youth Gathering to a more confessional posture.  While he didn't go into much detail, I assume that means returning to a more liturgically structured affair, rather than something that looks like an evangelical Sunday morning funfest centered on me and my emotions.  He did caution us that these changes may not happen all at once, but I'm happy to note that someone is taking notice.  Another option for your kids, Higher Things, is always a good bet.  You can check out a past post on the National Youth Gathering here, and one on Higher Things here.

For other good things going on in the LCMS, I highly recommend Pastor Larry Peters recent blog post titled "It's Not Nothing..." on this blog Pastoral Meanderings.


Anonymous said...

I liked reading Pastor Peters: Is the glass half-empty or half-full. More importantly, is the glass emptying out or filling up. That was not discussed in his article.

Perhaps synodical officials are beginning to realize that Church Growth Programs such as TCN and Willow Creek have the unintended consequences of conditioning LCMS members into thinking there really are no differences between the LCMS and those non-denominational churches. I would like to think that Lutheranism could be a safe haven for disaffected Evangelicals burned out by the Theology of Glory. Maybe the changes in the National Youth Gathering will spur other positive changes within the LCMS.


Strengthen the position and number of Lutheran grade schools as a way to recruit entire families into the LCMS. Lutherans cannot DO fellowship, so they run off to join the non-denominational congregations. Can the LCMS copy the fellowship of the non-denominationals without copying anything else. Please fix the fellowship issues ASAP.

Is Higher Things interested in expanding it's role into Sunday school and local church youth groups? Surely there must be some overlap. Maybe it could become the new Walther League!

Let's change our name from LCMS to "Confessional Christian Church"


Cafeteria Lutheran

Scott Diekmann said...

Thanks for your suggestions Cafeteria Lutheran!

Anonymous said...

Response to the "It's not nothing" article by Pastor Peters:

Dear Optimist, Pessimist, and Realist,

While you guys were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it.


The Opportunist

(In this case, the Opportunist would be the non-denominational church down the street.)

Scott Diekmann said...

1 Timothy 4:16: "Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers."