Friday, February 5, 2010

What Do You Mean, There’s No Theme?

Part of the phone conversation between me and my daughter:

Paige: I’m going on a retreat with my church this weekend.

Me: Yeah, I know [me being the awesome dad that I am].

Me: What’s the theme going to be?

Paige: There is no theme – it’s Lutheran.

Me: Oh, so it’s not your grandfather’s church?

Paige: No, it is my grandfather’s church. It’s Luther Memorial Chapel.

Me: Well maybe you’ll come back with a theme. Something about how you can improve your life or something.

Luther Memorial Chapel is located in Shorewood, Wisconsin. If you're in the Milwaukee area, you might want to check it out. Its pastor is Rev. Dr. Kenneth Wieting, and its Vicar is Kyle Krueger.

photo credit: Bergius


Preachrboy said...

I think it's probably the Higher Things retreat at Trinity in Sheboygan. I'll be there with my confirmation class. The theme is "I Confess". Sounds like a good time. Tell her to introduce herself to me!

Anonymous said...

"There's no theme... It's Lutheran"


Scott Diekmann said...

They went to somebody's cabin Pastor Chryst, although a Higher Things retreat is always a good option!