Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Less Culpable

On the January 13 Issues, Etc., host Todd Wilken asked guest Pastor Matt Harrison what he thought of televangelist Pat Robertson’s statement that the earthquake in Haiti was an act of God sent as punishment for Haiti’s previous “pact with the devil” to escape from French rule. Pastor Harrison’s response was particularly enlightening:
I don’t know. There’s really no need to respond to it. I think it’s simplistic and ridiculous frankly. The Law condemns all. No one is righteous – no, not one. The Lord’s wrath is shed upon unrighteousness in many and various ways all over the world. There’s not a single person or culture on earth that somehow is less culpable than any other, and certainly voodoo might be, I’m sure he’s thinking about voodoo as “the pact with the devil.” Voodoo might be Haiti’s issue, but look at the most blessed countries on the earth. They have no less sin, no less dark hearts, no less unbelief, etc., so I just think it’s ridiculous.
Listen to the whole thing:

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