Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not Pride and Arrogance, but Fear

Pastor Matt Harrison translated a great quote of Pastor Pfotenhauer, who would later become the Synod President, on the 50th anniversary of the Synod. The quote is as appropriate today as it was then - perhaps more so. I'd encourage you to read the whole quote at Pastor Harrison's blog, Mercy Journeys With Pastor Harrison. Here's a portion:

...So then, our Synod also in its jubilee year should be concerned that it not forfeit the glorious gifts of grace: pure doctrine, the pleasure of God, the governance of the Holy Spirit, the inheritance of the saints in the light, and suffer a great fall. Woe to us, if in this year we look at our greatness as in a mirror and cast a disparaging glance at those to whom not so much has been given! Woe to us, if we would proudly say, “We stand and grow, we blossom and prosper! Who will hinder us?" No, my brothers, our jubilee first demands of us not pride and arrogance, but fear.

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