Friday, April 24, 2009

Hope Y'all Come Back Now, Hear?

Starting next week, I'll have a series of posts on the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod's mission revitalization process, also know as the Transforming Churches Network. I hope you'll tune in - there's a lot to talk about.


Jim Pierce said...

YeeeeHaaaa! Sure will padner!


Preachrboy said...

In South Wisconsin, it's been "baptized" and is now called "rejuvination". I will have to send you a brochure.

Mark Dowell said...

Scott, I don't recognize the folks in the picture. Are they the "Transforming the Church" consultants? Looking forward to next week's posts.


kari said...

This will be very interesting! I wonder if what comes out even resembles what went in. I bet the transformation is complete, and no longer even Lutheran. Is that a good guess? You missed a good conference, Scott.

Frank Gillespie said...

Looking forward to your posts!

Anonymous said...

It's really the 'Consuming Churches Network'.
It's motto: 'Biting back.'
Their mascot, I believe, was of the same litter as McGruff the Crime Dog.
I too look so forward to what you have to say.
Susan R