Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No More Mauve?

I received one "Memo" from the Chairman of the LCMS Board of Directors and one from the Office of the President via snail mail a while back (both were in regard to the possible sale of KFUO-FM). The official letterhead (scanned and posted above) had the usual LCMS cross affixed to it, but it wasn't the usual mauve color - it was brown!

Is this the death knell of mauve? Lutheran Lucciola is probably jumping up and down by now. But I doubt it's the end of mauve. More likely, with the ongoing budget crisis in the LCMS, only Ablaze!-dedicated printers are maintained on a daily basis. The particular printer that these memos were printed on likely was running low on the correct color combination of ink. But there's always hope.


kari said...

Would that mean the purple palace name and color would have to be changed, too? I personally like the mauve.:-)

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Wait, what? I missed this! See, I take a vaca, and they sneak this on me.
I did notice the web page becoming more color changed, slowly over time. Well, I have enough work with my own church....did you know the entire building is mauve? Sanctuary, carpet, pews, everything. I'm glad God thinks this is funny. Really.

Thanks for the shout out, too! ;-)