Monday, November 3, 2008

Quotable Podcast Quotes #1

Quotable Quotes From Christian Radio

Issues, Etc.™
Pastor Klemet Preus

Host Todd Wilken:
Is it a two way street? Will false practice produce false teaching in time?
Pastor Klemet Preus:
Oh, yes it will if people accept it, and practice becomes part of you so that you accept it uncritically, and people ultimately will accept the false doctrine which stands behind a poor practice. And that’s what’s tragic about many Lutheran ministers. I think they have doctrine in their hearts and their heads, they just don’t seem to understand that if they engage in false practices they’ll undermine their own doctrine. The Church is one generation away from losing its vibrancy and possibly even losing its soul.

Issues, Etc.™
Pastor Todd Wilken
I had Mexican for lunch today, okay. And Mexican can sometimes do a number on you. There’s a burning in the bosom! I don’t know if it’s Mexican or if it’s the Holy Spirit. Can I feel the Spirit working?

Issues, Etc.™
Pastor Todd Wilken
Jesus didn’t come to show us the way, He came to be the way, in a perfect life, His death and His resurrection, to be the way of salvation for every sinner on earth, every person, man, woman, and child.

Issues, Etc.™
Web Extra Open Mics: David Strand’s Q & A
Pastor Todd Wilken
They should post this on the wall at the International Center: “People who work for an organization facing financial difficulty realize that continued employment in such circumstances can be precarious.” They should post that as a sign on the front door of the International Center.

Issues, Etc.™
Dr. Rod Rosenbladt discussing the first sola of the reformation, Christ alone.

Host Todd Wilken:
What is this kind of not Christ alone but kind of the Christ-less or the cross-less preaching? What is it doing? What will it produce?
Dr. Rosenbladt:
Well I think in the end it produces atheists. It just takes a while to come to fruition. I think some of these stadiums that are filled with thousands, I just hope I’m wrong here, but when it can’t make good on the happy happy promises, “become a Christian and your life will get better,” I thing the next chapter to that is “I tried it,” and they become immune to the real thing. They thought they tried it, and it didn’t work, or it didn’t pan out.

Issues, Etc.™
Dr. Rod Rosenbladt on explaining what “faith is as strong as its object” means:
Well, it isn’t the intensity of faith, at least not in Christianity. It’s not the intensity of faith that saves, it’s the greatness of the one on whom it links itself, or whom it takes as its object. That is, my faith is weak and awful, but it grasps a mighty Christ, a saving Christ, a one-sidedly saving Christ. The emphasis is on the syllable of the object grasped, not on the strength of my hand.

The God Whisperers
Episode 17: Sermon Confidential
Pastor Bill Cwirla
I like the dictionary definition of preaching. One of them is to moralize in a tedious way. That sums up what we do for a living, right?

Radical Grace
Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto
Unless you have a Christian home, unless you teach kids, pray with your kids, teach kids the faith, sing with them, eat with them, sit them down, switch off the bloody television set that has no business interfering with your meal, sit down for a family meal, things that trouble your children’s heart, with them. Then the best school will not do the job because the trouble starts at home, and the trouble starts at home because you have the families, the parents can’t be bothered to raise their kids any more.

Fighting For the Faith
Chris Rosebrough

I neglected to note which show dates the following two quotes were from. Listen to any of Chris’s shows and you’re likely to find an equally humorous quote.

...somebody had actually published a study saying that second hand smoke is actually deadlier than firsthand smoke. My response after hearing the study is “Well then, you know, I better get smoking if I want to protect myself, cuz if that second hand smoke is deadlier than the first hand stuff, then I want that first hand stuff so that I don’t get cancer.”
Discussing Pastor Rick Warren’s view of the unbeliever as just being tricked into sin rather than being totally depraved:
It’s not like that Monty Python sketch in which the guy is ringing his bell going: Ding. “Bring out your dead, bring out your dead.” And there’s this half-dead person that they throw onto the cart, and the guy goes “I’m not dead yet. I’m not dead yet.” No. You’re dead. Spiritually you are room temperature.

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