Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On Apostasy

To the ecclesiastical supervisor in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod who made his bold confession this week that The Book of Concord is no longer relevant:

The Church does not consist of people in power or ecclesiastical or secular dignity, because many princes and archbishops and others of lower rank have been found to have apostatized from the faith. Therefore, the Church consists of those persons in whom there is a true knowledge and confession of faith and truth.

Ap. VII, 21

photo credit: bruckerrlb


revalkorn said...

Okay. What on earth did I miss?

Scott Diekmann said...

This post involves a conversation with a DP. The names were witheld to protect the innocent.

Josh said...

I am assuming this is a confidential conversation, otherwise you would post this DP's name. The saddest part is that this could have come from many of them. I can think of a few who have made similar comments but not as blatant.

Was this in a personal conversation or in a public setting?

I also am interested in protecting the innocent, which is why I ask.