Friday, November 28, 2008

The Word Is Above Criticism

Quoting Dr. Martin Luther:
The Word is so completely above criticism that there is not one iota of a mistake in the Law and in the divine promises. Therefore we are to yield to no sect; nor are we to yield in any point of Scripture, however much men clamor and slander, saying that we are violating love by adhering so strictly to the words; for the beginning of all love is that the "right scepter" remain. If this cannot be obtained in any other way, then love and anything even greater, if that exists, must be broken, so that only the word may remain pure. If this purity of the Word and this "right scepter" stand, I shall be glad to bear in love the manners and mistakes of my brother. (W 40 II, 531 f – E op ex 18, 187 – SL 5, 398)
Quoted from What Luther Says (St Louis: CPH, 1959) 1368.

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