Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Six months ago yesterday Issues, Etc.™ was canceled. A lot has happened since then, but a bad taste still lingers when reflecting on that event. No amount of Listerine seems to eliminate the flavor entirely. Of course, the happy ending to this story has already been written with the resurrected Issues.

To mark the occasion, Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz released a Web Extra Open Mics edition which reviewed the entire document titled "An ‘Issues, Etc.’ Q&A." This document by the Board for Communication Services and its Director David Strand came out shortly after the cancellation. They dissect the entire document line by line and comment on areas where the answers in this document may be less than accurate – perhaps a lot less than accurate.

Their rationale for revisiting the cancellation was summed up by Pastor Wilken at the end of the segment:

This is telling the truth. And the need to respond to half truth with full truth and to falsehood with the truth period. That’s all this is. Jeff and I have both happily moved on. More happy than you know. But the need to correct the record with the truth, no matter how happy we are to be free from LCMS, Inc., and out from the mismanagement of KFUO, no matter how happy we are, the need remains to correct the record with the truth. The truth needs to be told. And it’s really that simple.

In a lighter moment, Todd, quoting from the document, comments that
They should post this on the wall at the International Center: "People who work for an organization facing financial difficulty realize that continued employment in such circumstances can be precarious." They should post that as a sign on the front door of the International Center.
In a not-so-light moment Jeff relates

...the Synodocrats that couldn’t stand our show. And believe me, we have people over there too. We were frequently criticized by executive directors and high level employees routinely at LCMS, Inc. It was a thorn in their side.

This Web Extra is one I’d encourage you to listen to. It really probes the depths of the Issues, Etc.™ cancellation, and sheds light where it needs to be shed, sometimes painting a bleak picture of the looming corporate cloud than hangs over the craggy heights of the LCMS.

Ironically, the next to last paragraph of David Strand’s document closes with this comment: "One hopes this voice can continue to be heard through other communication channels." It looks like they got their wish. But it’s unlikely that it’s turned out for them exactly like they envisioned it.

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