Thursday, July 10, 2008

What’s New On Pirate Christian Radio

You may have heard the hubbub about some show called "Issues, Etc.™" (don’t forget the “TM”). Issues, Etc.™ returned with much fanfare on the online radio station Pirate Christian Radio, or PCR for short. PCR is the brainchild of the original Christian pirate himself, Chris Rosebrough, with Pastor Craig Donofrio on board as well.

PCR is undergoing a launch into the arena of Christ-centered Lutheran radio programming worthy of a NASA-type countdown. Besides Issues, Etc.™, the current regularly scheduled programming includes:

Fighting For the Faith, which is Chris Rosebrough’s “edgy” apologetics program - I highly recommend it.

The White Horse Inn Classics- “Reruns” of the best White Horse Inn apologetics shows.

Upcoming on PCR are sermons from several outstanding LCMS pastors, including:

• Sermons From Holy Trinity, by Pastor Bill Cwirla

• The Feast: Pastor Craig Donofrio’s sermons

• The Gift: Sermons from Faith Lutheran; Pastors Ron Hodel and Jeremy Rhode.

Also on the drawing board:

Table Talk Radio: Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller and Evan Goeglein, discussing various articles of the Christian faith and Holy Scriptures, as well and current events as they relate to the faith. This is another must-hear program. Those of you who’ve previously heard Pastor Wolfmueller on Issues, Etc.™ will know why.

• The God Whisperers: The dynamic duo of Pastors Craig Donofrio and Bill Cwirla discussing theological topics (Yes, they wear masks and capes, but you won’t be able to see them since it’s audio only).

• Christ For Us

• Higher Things: Pastor George Borghardt

• Grace Alone podcasts

• SOCO: Recorded presentations of previous South Orange County Outreach speakers such Uwe Siemon Netto, Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, and Rod Rosenbladt.

Check out the Pirate Christian Radio website for details.

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There aren’t enough hours in the day…too…many…good…shows…