Monday, July 14, 2008

The Power of Church Leaders

Pastor Brondos has a post on his blog Kyrie Eleison of six quotes from the Book of Concord, all of which seem apropos to today's Church. He quotes one of my favorites (the first on his list), so I'll remind you of one which is less commonly known:

St. Peter prohibits the bishops to rule as if they had the power to force the churches to do whatever they desired [1 Peter 5:2]. Now the question is not how to take power away from the bishops. Instead, we desire and ask that they would not force themselves into sin. But if they will not do so and despise this request, let them consider how they will have to answer to God, since by their obstinancy they cause division and schism, which they should rightly help to prevent. (Augsburg Confession, Article XXVIII, 76-78)

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