Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Mas. (That's Spanish For "No More")

Dear General Scuttlebutt,

Your posts are usually funny, once in a while satirically point out something that should be pointed out, and sometimes offer a needed comedic break, but...

They're also too graphic, abuse people, and in no way promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so...

I'm going to have to block you. That's right. Just like in the commercial.

No hard feelings though. Now, who wants lemonade?


Susan said...

Can we give him a chance to repent and welcome our witty old curmudgeon back sometime? :)

Scott Diekmann said...

70 X 7

Matt said...

My father has a wise saying concerning dirty jokes: the wit must exceed the filth. This allows for some awfully dirty jokes in his presence, so long as they are hilarious.

General Scuttlebutt is hilarious. I know of no sharper wit anywhere. Unfortunately, that brand of caustic humor is not constructive, and can be very hurtful.

So I'm ambivalent about the good General. I'd like to keep his site as an inside joke for church-heads like us, but putting out that sort of humor in public can cause much more harm than good.

And I get your commercial reference (as I throw a gang sign and smack my neighbor on the back of his head)