Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Issues, Etc." Dist. Resolutions; The Big Map v. 3.0

District map

There are now ten Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod Districts (or parts thereof) that have passed resolutions related to the cancellation of Issues, Etc. (out of a total of 35 Districts), Southern Region Pastors' Conference of the Rocky Mountain District being the latest addition. Since it’s an election year, I thought it only appropriate that we should have a nice red and blue map to keep a running tally of the results. The red districts are those that have passed resolutions. The blue districts are those that are “blue” because they haven’t yet passed a resolution.

The Board of Elders in my church passed a resolution on Issues, Etc., which we passed on to the voters. If your church is similar, feel free to post a comment with your church's resolution.

Here is the current list, with the latest addition(s) at the top of the list, hyperlinked to the resolutions for each district:

Rocky Mountain District - Southern Region Pastors' Conference

Minnesota State Pastoral Conference
(Minnesota North District and Minnesota South District)

Central Illinois District Board of Directors

Central Illinois District Pastors' Conference

Iowa District East Board of Directors

Minnesota South District Board of Directors

North Dakota District Pastors' Conference

South Dakota District Pastors' Conference

South Wisconsin District Pastoral Conference

Southern Illinois District Pastoral Conference

Wyoming District Pastors' Conference

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