Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"They're Pretty Proud of Their Pop!"

Back when I was a starving commuter pilot at the first commuter airline I worked for, I can remember one of my fellow pilots exclaiming in reaction to the grossly overpriced can of Coke he was coveting in the vending machine at the airport: "They're pretty proud of their pop!" Well the Oregon Convention Center is "pretty proud of their WiFi." This year's Northwest District Convention is being held at the Oregon Convention Center, just across the Willamette River from downtown Portland.  They have three options for WiFi coverage while you're there, none of which is free.  The most expensive option is the Premium service, which is advertised as  "higher speed, great for quicker downloads & helps you get through all those email."

    o Speed: 512Kbps download / 256Kbps upload
    o Price: $89.95 / day per computer

What a great deal! For only $90, I can get through all those emails - for one day.  Of course, it's another $90 if I want to get through all those emails on my iPad (company furnished) and on my laptop.  I don't think so.

If you'd like an equally great deal just register late for the Northwest District Convention.  They didn't sign me up at church like they said they would do.  By the time I figured it out and registered, it was after the deadline.  I didn't know until I received the bill from the District via email that they were charging me an extra $100 for registering late.   Again, I don't think so.  Do unto others....  I called the very helpful lady in the District office and asked her to take off the $100.  After a short conversation, she took off the $100.  Always nice when the District tries to make money off you for the privilege of experiencing "life together" on your three days off.  I guess they figure if it's $90 just to get email, $100 is no big deal.

photo credit: Brandon Brubaker


Anonymous said...

Now, now, Scott, you're being picky. I arrived at our (Ohio) convention a day early, because I don't like the mayhem on the morning of the convention:$140. And,as I didn't have a roommate, that was another $140. It's only money--a nice leisurely breakfast and easy registration, and privacy, which was quite enjoyable.

Chill out, enjoy the convention, and vote the confessionals in!

Joe Strieter

p.s. Those "Identity" thingys are very hard to read!

Scott Diekmann said...

Two kids in college Joe. I don't have $100 to waste.
I agree. The identity thingys are hard to read. They're designed that way to keep computer programs from being able to read them and spam the comment section of every blog.