Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Doors Close at University Lutheran Chapel

A video of the closing service this Sunday at University Lutheran Chapel. As Pastor Hans Fiene points out, "...University Lutheran Chapel will go on. She will continue to receive Christ's salvation, continue being brought back to life through His word, continue being washed in His waters, continue feasting on His body and blood."


Anonymous said...

How can we be sure that MNS will not try to sell any new structure that the ULC builds. Who will hold the deed to the new ULC property? How can the ULC protect itself from being harassed by MNS in the future? What are the chances of ULC separating from MNS and joining either the English or Slovak districts?

Until these issues are addressed,it will remain difficult to donate money to the ULC.

Rev. David A. Kind said...

One part of whatever silver lining there may be for University Lutheran Chapel is that we will finally be free of financial and property entanglements with the Minnesota South District. Whatever property ULC purchases will be owned fully by ULC. The MNS will have no authority to sell or encumber it. And we are certainly not going to enter into any sort of arrangement that would jeopardize this freedom.

At this point we are not considering a change of districts. Changing districts does not change the issue of fellowship. And we do not want to turn our backs on those who supported us and were generous to us at the recent District Convention.

So please do not be afraid to donate to ULC. While the District Convention was generous, purchasing and/or building near the University of Minnesota is going to cost a great deal more than $2 million. (Plans are still being made, but this is true with every version of the various options we are exploring).