Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pastoral Care for Former Evangelicals by Pastor Jeremy Rhode

The recently concluded series on pastoral care for former evangelicals with Pastor Jeremy Rhode on Issues, Etc. was one of the best series ever to grace the airwaves. It doesn’t matter who you are, Evangelical, Lutheran, Catholic, Pentecostal, Reformed, or other, these six segments are top notch. They delve into Evangelical theology, explaining the differences between Evangelicalism and Lutheranism, all the while highlighting the liberating doctrine that Lutheranism offers. You’ll be richly rewarded for your time.

Part 1: Discerning the Will of God, 8-3-11

Part 2: In Remembrance of Me, discussing the Lord’s Supper, 8-17-11

Part 3: The Office of the Pastor, 8-24-11

Part 4: This is My Body, 9-14-11

Part5: The Christian Life, 9-21-11

Part 6: The Divine Service, 10-26-11


Anonymous said...

Agreed, Scott. This was among the best series I've heard on Issues. With the influence of CG, CoWo, and "Everyone a Minister" in the LCMS, a great many congregations have slid into an evangelical pattern. I even heard one pastor of my acquaintance described as a "Baptist".
If your readers have not read Dr. David Adams'article, referenced on Nov. 15, it meshes perfectly with this series. Eye-opening and should be "required reading and listening"

Joe Strieter

Anonymous said...

Indeed. The content from these audio clips needs to be shouted from the housetops! All LCMS members should be required to listen to this series. We should clearly know WHY the LCMS is different (and should remain different) than the Evangelicals and non-denominational churches.

Perhaps the best parts could be summarized and integrated as a video study guide component into the Lutheranism 101 book. Get Rev. Fisk to do the video clips for the book. Have LCMS pastors teach it as a supplement to the Small Catechism for prospective/new members. What do you think?

Scott Diekmann said...

I agree Anonymous. It would make a great study guide. There's a minority of our pastors who would benefit from it as well to get reacquainted with what it means to be a Lutheran.

Anonymous said...

I hope CPH is reading these comments........

Matt Richard said...

Great stuff!

If you are a former Evangelical, would you consider being a part of this upcoming Major Applied Research Project? It is a study that examines the journey from evangelicalism to Lutheran thought. You can learn more at the following link:

Scott Diekmann said...

Thanks for your comment Pastor Richard. I'm a life-long Lutheran, but if I come across any former evangelicals I'll send them your way. Blessings on your MAP endeavors.