Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Divorce is Finalized

In case you missed it, President Harrison reported on October 27 at the ACNA-LCMS Open Forum that the relationship of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is over:
Our relationship with the ELCA is over. We meet a couple of times a year to talk about some joint interests in social ministry and that kind of thing, but relationship Higgins Road [on which the ELCA headquarters is located] to St. Louis is over. We’ve ended, we’ve ended a number of express joint work. We just can’t do it any more with a good conscience.
It’s a shame that it had to come to this, but, while there are certainly faithful Lutherans in the ELCA, their corporate position is neither evangelical nor Lutheran. You can listen to what President Harrison had to say on the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog here.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that non-Lutherans still confuse the LCMS with the beliefs of the ELCA. It is also sad that the NALC and the LCMC hold the same beliefs as the ELCA minus support for homosexuality.

What else is there to say. I hope that the LCMC and the NALC eventually come around to see the error of their ways. Is there any evidence that this is happening?

Scott Diekmann said...

I don't really follow LCMC and NALC developments, so I'm not sure where they're headed right now. I am sure that I will pray for them though, as well as the ELCA.