Friday, January 1, 2010

The Joy of Blogging

Zach is out with his buddies, and Paige is in Hong Kong heading to China with Dr. Feiertag and eleven of her Concordia University – Wisconsin classmates, so Cheryl and I spent a romantic New Year’s Eve together. We had a great crab leg dinner, went out for dessert, and fittingly, watched the movie Julie & Julia.

The movie tells the parallel stories of Julia Child and the genesis of her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and author Julie Powell, who sets out to blog about her goal of cooking all of Julia’s 524 recipes in one year. It’s an entertaining flick, well worth watching, and reminds me of my own life due to my wife’s great cooking and my unfortunate habit of blogging. All that food makes me hungry, which is the advantage of renting movies – the fridge is just a room away. No champagne tonight though, although I did have a Diet Coke. (How could I be hungry after crab legs and dessert anyway?)

At one point in the movie, while they discuss Julie’s blog over dinner, one of Julie’s friends points out to her that “You have fans. Your readers love you.” At that point I chime in, sarcastically telling my wife that I have fans too. Hmm.… How am I going to back up this bit of braggadocio? Ah yes, Jeff Schwarz did tell me that he got depressed when I quit blogging for a few weeks last summer. Of course, I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was my only reader. There’s a true friend.

A little later in the film Julie’s husband gets mad at her for her self-absorbed blogging practices. I glanced at Cheryl out of the corner of my eye, wondering if she was going to bite on that one. Whew! She didn’t even flinch.

We paused the movie at midnight to observe the arrival of the new year, tuning in for the live fireworks display off the top of the Space Needle. Our airedale Hallie hid under the lamp table as somebody was, at the same time, shooting off fireworks in our neighborhood. The movie ended shortly thereafter, as did our romantic evening.

I hope you had as wonderful a New Year’s Eve as did we. Thanks for reading Jeff.

photo credit: Chris Blakeley


Kari said...

I missed your blogging last summer, too, Scott, so you have both me and Jeff. I'm certain Cheryl appreciated it though, so it's well and good you did. But I'm glad you're back at it again!

Happy New Year to both you and Cheryl.

Scott Diekmann said...

Thanks Kari. I guess there were a few people who commented on my leave of absence! Another true friend.

rahraht said...

Sorry, I missed your leave of absence. I am reading now though! :)
-Reader in Portland