Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Changing DNA

On the January 11 Issues, Etc. a caller asked guest Chris Rosebrough what the definition of a healthy church is according to seeker-driven church growth proponents? Here’s his answer:

Well here’s the deal. What’s underlying all of this is basically they’ve changed the DNA of the body of Christ. Think of it this way, is that, I now live in the Midwest, and we’ve got a lot of guys out here who grow corn, and so I get to see commercials on television for corn growing, and for, you know, guys who are offering seeds when it comes to corn. Well a lot of the seed growers out here, they actually genetically manipulate the corn seed so that it produces a higher yield. What the seeker-driven guys have done is they’ve actually manipulated the DNA of the body of Christ, and they’ve spliced into the body of Christ DNA from the corporate world in order to produce a higher yield. So in their mind, a healthy church is a growing church and they’ve studied to death the best practices out there by every growing church, regardless of what that denomination teaches or confesses, they basically work from the concept that growth is good no matter which church it is that’s growing. But I submit to you that Islam is growing, that does not, that’s not good, it’s not good growth, and that’s not from God, and so these guys, they’re basically applying almost a nonsensical corporate metric that has to do with growth, and applying it to the Church regardless of doctrine, and assume that that means that the Church is healthy.

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Anonymous said...

And of course, a growing church is, by definition a "healthy" church. Ohio District Pres. Terry Cripe has said that a church that has a low view of the means of grace, (such as the Willow Creek type) may be growing, but it certainly is not healthy.

Amen, President Cripe