Monday, June 22, 2009

NOW Convention, Days 2 & 3

The original resolutions can be found on the District Website. The District daily newsletter for days 1 and 2 are currently available.

Day 2

Day 2 included a “Worship Service with Holy Communion,” with the sermon preached by President Kieschnick, followed by President Kieschnick’s presentation to the convention and a question and answer session.

Resolution 2-01, To Continue Tracking the Spirit as an Effective Movement of Outreach for the 21st Century, (which I previously blogged about) was passed by a landslide after minimal amendment.

Resolution 2-02, Resolution Regarding End of Life Issues was passed with minimal amendment.

Resolution 2-03, To Minister to Youth in a Post-Church, Postmodern Culture, passed with minimal amendment.

Resolution 2-05, To Encourage Intentional Outreach to the Older Generation, passed as introduced.

Day 3

Day 3 included the restructuring presentation by the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance, and a send-off to President Warren Schumacher who is retiring.

Resolution 1-02a, To Support the Work of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance, passed.

Resolution 1-03a, To Retain Licensed Deacon Program, was the merged version of 1-03 with 2-04, To Utilize Graduates of LAP, and passed.

Resolution 1-05a, To Realign Alaska into Two [Visitation] Circuits, passed.

Resolution 2-06, To Memorialize the Synod to Include Disabilities Awareness Ministry Training in the Curricula of Synod’s Seminaries and Universities, passed.

Resolution 2-08, Stewards of Creation, passed.

Resolution 2-09, To Encourage Operation Barnabas Training Seminars, passed.

Resolution 2-10, To Thank the Lord of the Church for Blessing President Schumacher with Gifts of Leadership and to Recognize His Use of Those Gifts in Dedicated Service to the District and to the Church, was implemented without ever having been voted upon.

Resolution 1-07, To Accept Reports, was passed during one of the previous days. Resolution 2-11, To Accept Reports, I honestly can’t remember if we voted on it!

Resolution 1-04, To Memorialize the Synod to Revise Bylaw 4.3.2 [requires the District Treasurer to by a layperson], was never considered, and thus fails.

Omnibus Resolution C, was never considered, and thus fails.

Resolution 2-07, To Work With Other Christians To Reach Those Who Do Not Know Christ and Memorialize Synod to Do the Same, (which I previously blogged about) was in the process of being amended when time ran out, and thus failed.

That’s the short version. There were, of course, other speakers and events which occurred during the course of the convention which I'm not reporting on. I’ll have more to say about several convention topics in the following days.

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Anonymous said... guys debated and passed about 3 times the resolutions we did in the RMD.