Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Convention Miscellany

If you're attending the Northwest District Convention, one of the Resolutions (2-01) resolves to continue support of the Tracking the Spirit "movement." This particular "movement" should be scuttled. I've previously written about it here.

Dr. Ken Schurb's latest appearance on Issues, Etc. is a "must hear" segment. He discusses the Constitutional amendments that are being proposed by the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance. These proposed changes are rather sobering in the magnitude of their impact on the long-term confessional health of the Synod. You can listen here:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Scott, for this excellent analysis.
Oh, no!! Another program. Arrrgggghhhhhh! When will we learn? Scott--you are a great "bogophile" (one who identifies and collects "bogosities"). You have a good bogusity detector. I loved the comment on the link of your original post on this subject, by Kurt Onken. I copied and pasted it below. I've been laughing for the past five minutes. Here's the quote:

This program always makes me think of Elmer Fudd wearing a clerical collar (or not), walking around in the woods, looking at the camera, and saying, "Shhhhhh! Be vewy quiet. We'we twacking the Spiwit. Huhuhuhuhu."

November 20, 2008 8:22 AM

Johannes--thanks again Scott--and...be vewy vewy quiet......

Dennis Peskey said...

Scott - I learned my lesson on March 18, 2008. I listened to the Dr. Schurb program live and coveted the MP3 file download. I store all the relevant downloads so I'll not be alone, again (although only the listeners can cancel Issues.Etc now!) What chance exists the district conventions could be exposed to this analysis prior to voting on the Blue Ribbon Bomb?

The "Tracking the Spirit" movement is just plain offensive. After an hour of pondering this movement, I recalled a similiar program a previous church (LC-MS) I attended participated. It was authored by Michael Ruhl - currently director of LCMS World Missions in Irvine, CA. Small groups, lay leaders, everything but doctrine. After this church wasted over a year completing this church growth program, the report (which rivaled an encyclopedia in size) was "filed" and fortunately, nothing further was ever attempted. Thanks again for the update.

Scott Diekmann said...

Anonymous, Thanks for your kind words. Someone else sent me an Elmer Fudd graphic, but Blogger doesn't allow graphics in the comments section. :>(

Scott Diekmann said...

I doubt there's much chance the districts will get much exposure to Dr. Schurb's analysis Dennis, but there's plenty of time between now and 2010 to get the word out.