Friday, December 12, 2008

Runnin' in Boston

Went for a run on my layover in Boston today.

Ran through Boston Common. There was a nativity scene with one thing missing, the baby Jesus. I’m assuming they’ll put him in His manger on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Ran past the bar front of the old Cheers TV show.

Circumnavigated Fenway Park, home of the Green Monster.

Multitasked by having a phone conversation with Pastor Kurt Onken along the way. He didn’t seem to object to my heavy breathing.

Ran through the Christian Scientist headquarters campus – a good example of how you get soaked monetarily if you’re a cult member.

Back in time for a quick bite to eat at Yankee Lobster, and then hop on the jet for the six hour flight back to Seattle. Life is good!

photo credit: posotum74, Caitlinator


Frank Gillespie said...

When you say "Went for a run on my layover in Boston " do you mean on purpose?

AshleyEffken said...

And did you get a chance to take a shower at the airport before continuing on your way?