Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Must Not Be Your Grandfather’s Pope

Reporter Online, the online version of the official newspaper of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, has a glowing review of Pope Benedict’s visit with LCMS leaders.

Apparently, the LCMS lacks the political savvy of a seasoned politician. I doubt you’ll see Hillary hobnobbing with George Bush Sr., or John McCain golfing with Fidel, yet the LCMS seems positively elated with it’s consort with the Pope, whose office Luther rightfully labeled the anti-Christ. Ecumenical dialogue is one thing, but this was nothing more than a photo-op in which the body of Christ had nothing to gain, and much to lose.

Have we fallen so far that we can’t see the satanic lie that the Pope represents? This is the man who calls himself God’s vicar on earth, thus taking Jesus Christ’s rightful throne, attempting to make himself our mediator (the Pope's office, not necessarily any particular Pope). This is the man who believes that communion is a sacrifice, thus earning merit for a human work and rejecting Christ’s all-atoning sacrifice. This is the man who would have us all assimilated into the Catholic Church. This is the man who calls justification by grace through faith anathema. What do righteousness and wickedness have in common? What fellowship can light have with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14)

LCMS attendees included President Gerald Kieschnick, Executive Director of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations Dr. Samuel H. Nafzger, and Atlantic District President David Benke. The article goes on to list members of the ELCA who attended as well, as though their presence justified the LCMS presence. The article also carefully points out that it was an "ecumenical meeting," as though that justified the LCMS presence.

The article quotes Dr. Nafzger:
"Especially meaningful," he added, "was the inclusion in the worship program of the following quotation from the pope's 2005 address at the World Youth Day: 'Among Christians, fraternity is not just a vague sentiment ... it is grounded in the supernatural reality of the one Baptism which makes us all members of the one Body of Christ."
It is often stated that satan’s lies contain a majority of truth, with just enough falsehood mixed in to deceive the elect. I can think of no better example than the Pope’s rhetoric. Luther would shake his head in embarrassment, and then he would speak up in protest.


Anonymous said...

Um... what part of the quote about baptism isn't true? I'm missing something.

Scott Diekmann said...

You're missing the lie that the Pope makes when he includes himself in the Body of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Well, he may be a sucky head-of-catholocism, but that doesn't mean we can know his heart.

Scott Diekmann said...

True, we can't know his heart. But I do know his doctrine. I hope his heart and his doctrine aren't in the same place.

Anonymous said...


Matt said...

I have always struggled with the confessional identification of antichrist with the Roman church. Mostly this is because I considered JPII and Benedict to be "pretty good guys" based on common social and political outlook.

I would encourage everyone to read up on Marcial Maciel, especially this:

Then, ask yourself how much corruption, sexual immorality, greed and power are part of the contemporary Roman church. And how much more is there that we don't know about?

It looks more and more like things have changed very little since Luther's day.

I'm not one given to anti-catholicism, but there can be no excuse for much of what is going on in Rome, even today.

mark said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that Rome is antichrist and is the Whore of Babylon as described by Revelation 17.

I pray that the LCMS does not become one of her daughters!