Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Save the LCMS" Stands Firm

The blogsite Save the LCMS today made a strong statement answering the questions "Why go through the trouble of saving the LCMS?" and "Why not simply depart in peace, as some are suggesting?" They provide four reasons for their belief that the LCMS is worth saving as a church body. The number one reason: "The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at stake." That, in itself, is reason enough.

I agree with their contention that the material principle of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, justification by grace alone through faith alone for Christ’s sake alone, is at serious risk. Why is it at risk? They provide an honest answer, because of "an aggressive form of bureaucracy that is hell-bent on transforming Christ's Church into a seeker-sensitive, emergent "church" under the pretense of making it more competitive in the American religious marketplace.

Please pray for our Synodical leaders, that they would stand on the bedrock on which the Church of the Reformation was founded, justification by grace through faith.


Anonymous said...

Why can a LCMS Church not be a relevant, vibrant, AND Gospel proclaiming Church. Why must we insist on doing Church in such a way that our kids feel they need to leave our denomination? Our opinions are not the Gospel the Gospel is the Gospel.

Anonymous said...

I've been in an LCMS church that was relevant, vibrant, and proclaimed the Gospel.

Well, they did until they decided they wanted to be the next Willow Creek Community Church (ie megachurch).

Watering down the Gospel to become "seeker friendly" is not Biblical, nor is it wise.