Thursday, September 16, 2010

Opening Old Wounds – A Shocking, Frank, Unrepentant Admission Revisited

I was sitting at my keyboard minding my own business yesterday when I received an email from Facebook which contained the following:

Frank Gillespie commented on your post.

Frank wrote:
"I can't remember, is that a picture of my two Ablaze! bracelets or did you get two of your own?"

Frank is referring to yesterday’s post in which I posted a photo of two Ablaze! bracelets. I find this whole conversation offensive. It’s like rubbing salt into an open wound. What’s all the hubbub about? It harkens back to a post I made a long while ago on The Wittenberg Trail. Frank just can’t seem to drop it. Here’s a copy of the original post:

Frank, at Putting Out the Fire, yesterday made an unbelievable admission. Now don’t get me wrong. Frank is a perfectly respectable guy. He even spends his free time as a volunteer fireman. But you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Here is what Frank has admitted to, broken down into three parts for ease of reading:

1) He actually owns an Ablaze!® bracelet.
2) He admits to wearing it.
3) He even mentions the time and place where he wore said bracelet.

The Horror! The Horror!

My question to you, fellow Wittenberg Trail travelers, is this:

Where do you where your Ablaze!® bracelet?

Of course, I was spring loaded to comment thusly regarding Frank’s Facebook barb:

No pietist sits behind this keyboard Frank - those are your own Ablaze! bracelets, straight from your shocking, frank, unrepentant admission!

For the rest of you pietists out there, I just checked the Ablaze! Movement Resource Exchange Bulletin Board. You can still get your own Ablaze! bracelet here, but remember to order at least two, because the page advises to “carry extras to give someone who asks about it, allowing you to share the message of Jesus Christ & Ablaze (Luke 24:32).” Nothing oozes Gospel like a bracelet that says “ABLAZE! TM” on one side and “” on the other. Don't leave home without it!


Kari said...

I remember that thread on the WT, Scott! Those were fun times on the WT.
Do you still post your blog posts there, too? I wish you would. I'd love to see the WT more active again.
A new member recently wrote where he signed up. Wow, a Facebook for Lutherans!(And disciovering Lutheranism)My comment. :-)

Scott Diekmann said...

I haven't cross-posted on the WT in a while Kari, although I should. It's somewhat of a hassle because the WT blog functionality isn't very cooperative.