Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Steaming Plate of BJS

It's all over the airwaves, but in case you missed it, the next Brothers of John the Steadfast National Conference is February 15 and 16, 2013 at Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, Illinois (which is a suburb of Chicago).  It promises to be a good one.  The theme for this conference is "Lutherans!"  Making presentations will be the Rev. James May, Director of Lutherans in Africa, who will speak on their efforts in Africa, Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller, co-host of the radio show Table Talk Radio, speaking on his escape from evangelicalism into Lutheranism, and Rev. Jonathan Fisk of Worldview Everlasting, discussing the quest for pure Lutheranism in the LCMS today.

Rumor has it that Pastor Wolfmueller is also going to do a stand-up comedy routine.  It might be worth attending the conference just for this unique opportunity.  Just think, you could say "I was there when Pastor Wolfmueller got his start."  Or, alternately, you could say, "I was there for the cleanup after Pastor Wolfmueller crashed and burned."  Think of the possibilities!  Plus, as an added bonus, BJS is going to have a sign up sheet for those who would like to attend the Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller School of Hilarity.

As always, there will be a Divine Service, plenty of food, and the world-renowned no-pietists-allowed parties.  Speaking from personal experience, I can say that it will be worth the trip.  For more information visit the Brothers of John the Steadfast website.  Hopefully, I'll see you there.

photo credit: Balthus Van Tassel


Dennis Peskey said...

Scott - do you know where they're posting the 3X5 card for the Wolfmueller signup sheet?


Scott Diekmann said...

Dennis, I think they're placing them in the restrooms next to the sink. Pastor Wolfmueller is also placing one under the wiper blade of each car in the parking lot.