Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LCMS Delegates: You Think You've Got It Tough

For all you LCMS convention delegates out there who grouse about the size of your district or national convention workbook, and all that reading you've got to do, be thankful you weren't a delegate to last week's General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Their workbook weighed in at 753 pages, with a mere 155 resolutions. No wonder their convention lasted eight days. A few resolution highlights:

Resolution A013 Study Genetically Modified Food Crops
Resolution A020 End the Embargo Against Cuba
Resolution A083 Advocate for Reforming Credit Reporting
Resolution A087 Resolution on Wealth
Resolution A127 Recommit to Being Anti-Racists for the Next Three Triennia (Until 2018)

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Anonymous said...

When Biblican doctrine is abandoned, thrown under the bus in fact, and the Gospel forgotten, then this is what happens. One can see the same trend in the ELCA. To quote an LCMS pastor friend, this church body has been "discipled by the culture." Altho written as a political tome, I strongly recommend, "The Tyranny of Cliches" by Johan Goldberg. It has much application to the church, and what we see happening in the Episcopal "Church" (sic).

Joe Strieter