Thursday, April 12, 2012

Self-made Worship

Quoting from Rev. Edward Engelbrecht's book  One True God: Understanding Large Catechism II.66, in which he quotes from Dr. Martin Luther as follows:
...Let everyone see to it that he is certain his worship and service of God has been instituted by God’s word, and not invented by his pious notions or good intentions. Whoever engages in a form of worship to which God has not borne witness ought to know that he is serving not the true God but an idol that he has concocted for himself. (AE 35:272-73)
Edward Engelbrecht, One True God: Understanding Large Catechism II.66 (St. Louis: CPH, 2007) 95.


Anonymous said...

How does Evangelical pop music fit in with this definition?

Scott Diekmann said...

Great question! A praise team banging out an anthropocentric praise song in front of the congregation certainly seems to fall within Dr. Engelbrecht's definition.