Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O that We Were There

I came across a document titled “A Manual for Acolytes” on the internet. Maybe we could use it to “up our game” a little. Here’s a few quotes:

A Manual for Acolytes

“The Lord is my Light.”

What is the key function of an acolyte?

• To be an outward and very visible sign of Christ's light...to be reliable, attentive, expectant, worshipful, confident, caring, careful and joyful...to serve the Lord with gladness.
• To serve the Lord in the gathering of God's people by assisting in the drama and actions of the liturgies of the Church.

The Covenant

11.  Wear the very best and/or cleanest shoes I have.
12.  Be prepared for the unexpected or accidental.

...The best rule is that all should be done with dignity and care in the simplest way possible so as not to distract the congregation.

...Not just anyone becomes an acolyte. We don't recruit people from the Stanford Shopping Center. It is a privilege and an honor to serve.

...Many of us have been raised in the Church and most all of us have been at an event where we are so moved we have to be still……that's what it means to be reverent. That's what we are in worship.

...As you cross the chancel, always stop and reverence (bow) in the direction of the Altar.


•  Prayer with the ministers.

While Serving

•  Have a good time, with a feeling of reverence and dignity.
•  Keep hands together when moving about the sanctuary.
•  When crossing the chancel, pause and reverence the altar.

photo credit: jdbradley

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Brian Yamabe said...

God can use anything to His good purposes, but it still freaks me out that this is from an ELCA congregation. :-)