Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teaching the Whole Counsel of God

Quoting from Pastor John Frahm's paper "Give Attention to the Public Reading of Scripture: I Timothy 4:13: Lectors, Pastoral Stewardship, and Gender Considerations":

While the reading of a text is not particularly teaching in the strict sense, there is an aspect of text selection (choosing pericopes or references) which is related to teaching. The use of a lectionary is a discipline for teaching the whole counsel of God in an orthodox way. The selection of texts is not to be done for riding hobby horses, promoting programs or movements, or to steer the church into a “personal vision.” It is the Lord’s church and the whole counsel of God is to be taught and proclaimed for the sake of the flock (Acts 20:27-28; Matthew 28:19-20). The selection of texts or a lectionary certainly comes under the domain of pastors as stewards of the mysteries of God (which includes but goes beyond the sacraments in the narrowest sense). This goes along with the call to the office and the requirement that such men be “apt to teach” and holding the apostolic faith with purity.

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