Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did You Know…

…that the budgeted convention expenses for the LCMS Officers, Board of Directors, and Council of Presidents for the 2010 Regular Convention increased a whopping 270% over the 2007 Regular Convention?

Calculating for inflation and a convention that is two days longer, the increase should be 29%. The cost per person for this group of individuals is $3,833 per person (figuring 68 people, which includes 10 extra people just to be conservative). If all the delegates rang up the same bill, it would cost the LCMS $4,791,250, nearly double the cost of the entire convention. That’s a lot of greenbacks.

photo credit: ZagatBuzz

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Anonymous said...

We voted for Houston (well,not ALL of us) because it would be (are you ready?)--------


This is getting as bad as Washington. DC, that is.