Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fill 'Er Up with Law Please

Feeling like your missional gas tank is on “E?” Head on over to, where your tank can be filled by "lcms mission leaders" with a little Gospel and a lot of Law. Complete with inspirational quotes from Rick Warren and Perry Noble. If you aren’t familiar with Purpose-Driven Pastor Perry Noble, please watch the video below, but make sure you’re sitting down first.

Frequent readers of this blog know that I often quote the work of others. Who you quote really belies who it is that you trust, and what you believe. I quote people that understand the proper distinction between Law and Gospel, that faithfully preach the Gospel. When you put quotes of Pastor Rick Warren up, it makes one wonder what it is you believe. Pastor Warren hopelessly confuses Law and Gospel, and preaches a salvation that is based on your own actions. It makes me think, from the quotes of Warren and Noble on the Ablaze Fuel blog, that the posters don’t espouse Lutheran theology. If they did, they’d avoid these types of preachers, not cling to their every word.


Dennis Peskey said...

So much for "feed my sheep." I pray Mr. Noble's congregation is actually listening to what he says. He is not speaking falsely - he really doesn't care! If this is what is tickeling the ears of his followers, then they should have no complaints when he fleeces them - and he will do just this. Lord have mercy on their souls.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but, Scott... didn't you know that we Lutherans can "sanitize" Warren's and Noble's work for use amongst us?

And, yes, that is sarcasm. :)

Anonymous said...


BW said...

Since when do Lutherans take cues from Rick Warren and Perry Noble?

"Lutheran pulpits are for Lutheran ministers..."- Charles Porterfield Krauth