Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where’s Waldo?

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. I’ve had several people call or email wondering if I’m all right. Yep, I’m fine. I’ve been taking a break from blogging to spend time with the family this summer and attempt to pare down the “honey-do” list. I’ve been successful in the former and not so successful in the latter. I get one thing knocked off the honey-do list and two more pop up. I guess that means I shouldn’t do any of them, to keep the list shorter. Well, maybe that wouldn’t fit in with my call to be a husband now would it.

Just to eat up a little extra time, I put a new hard drive in our oldest computer, and put a new hard drive and display screen in my laptop, which is now my old laptop, since I just bought a new one. Now I can blog in style. Sorry Mac fans, it’s a PC. At least one of the aviation programs I’m likely to use wouldn’t run on a Mac, even if it were running Windows. (Who would do that to begin with?)

Another speed bump I need to tackle is my annual training at work next month, which takes up two or three weeks between preparation, ground school, and simulator.

One down side to taking a break is that I haven’t been keeping up too much on reading the blogs I normally read either. I just checked my Google reader - 709 unread posts. Hmm... Time to do a little speed reading. Hope y’all had a good summer.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Waldo.


Kari said...


Scott Diekmann said...

Thanks Kari and Johannes.